Breathe Clean. Breathe Easy.

Clean air.
When and where you need it most.


JustAir develops innovative clean air solutions for people who want to work, play, and live in safety and comfort.

About the JustAir Professional PAPR for Healthcare

JustAir’s patented technology was initially developed to offer portable protection to people exposed to smoke, allergens, chemicals, and other dangerous¬†substances. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the need for a solution beyond what’s available with common masks.¬† Our advanced face mask system provides comfort, convenience, and protection far beyond what is readily available. Now, people may return to work, school, and travel with peace of mind.

Comfort, safety, and affordability.

We are committed to developing cost-effective products that focus equally on both protection and comfort – one is of little value without the other. That’s why we obsessed over designing JustAir to exceed current standards of personal protection. The result – delivering up to 12 hours of continuously flowing, dry air which is 99.97% pathogen-free. We believe we’ve met the challenge to help people resume their day-to-day activities safely, comfortably, and economically.

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