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JustAir Advanced Face Mask System

The JustAir Advanced Face Mask System features positive pressure airflow technology combined with medical-grade HEPA, carbon filters, and electrostatic to ensure 8 hours of cool air, free from viruses, bacteria, and allergens. You may choose your system with black or blue mask.

$249 (Special introductory price)

Select Mask Color and Size

*Please note, systems with small and large masks have a lead time of ~2 weeks*

  • Fan/power/filter unit
  • Integrated 3-filter mask
  • 24″ flex tube
  • Flex-tube connector
  • Branch tube assembly
  • Medical-grade HEPA filter
  • Belt clip and strap
  • Battery charger
  • Medical-grade HEPA Filter blocks 98% of viruses, bacteria, particulates, and other pathogens (over 100x better than N95 mask materials).
  • Supplies fresh air under mask, keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • Positive air pressure to prevent particulates from entering mouth or nose.
  • Filters exhaled air to remove respiratory droplets, viruses, and bacteria to protect those around you.
  • Runs for 8 hours on a single charge.
  • Fits in backpacks and handbags.
  • Reusable and washable.
  • Two stage filter consisting of: Activated carbon filter to reduce odor and capture smaller particles, H13 HEPA final filter which capture 98% of particulate down to 0.3 Micron.
  • Adjustable custom designed mask that fits more comfortably, seal better and filters exhaled air through an electrostatic felt.
  • Provides up to 150 L/min of air.
  • Replaceable filter good for 40 hours of use.
  • Fan Unit: 4.25” x  7″ x 3″; weight 1 lb 11oz
  • Tubing: 24″
  • Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery – Input: 12.6V 3A Max; Output 12 (9-12.6)V / 3A Max


Filters are recommended to be changed after 40 hours of use to retain optimal performance. Remember to order replacement HEPA and Mask Filters.


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