Breathe Clean. Breathe Easy.

The only HEPA filtered face mask designed to protect you and those around you by filtering both the air you inhale and the air you exhale with 98% efficiency. Learn More

Protect yourself, protect others from COVID-19.

Comfortable protection all-day for you and those around you.

Breathe, talk, stay cool – while you work.

Fresh, dry, clean air blown into the mask makes breathing effortless—for up to 8 continuous hours. Our perfectly-designed mask lets you speak clearly and prevents your glasses from fogging.  And yes, it’s reusable and washable. 

My husband, two daughters, and I flew from Houston to Cancun for a family vacation. We each wore a JustAir system from the time we arrived at the airport until we arrived at the resort. For 10 continuous hours, we breathed comfortably. No headaches, no lightheadedness, or panic attacks. As an airway-centered dentist specialized in treating sleep disordered breathing and airway inadequacy, I recommend JustAir to anyone who needs to wear a mask.

Teresa M. Scott, D.D.S., Spring, Texas

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